Services Offered By Food Cooperation Of India

There are various people around us who do not afford purchasing food and to give them enough services of food the government has created several schemes to provide them what they need so that everyone can have a filled stomach. As the government has taken initiatives where one of those initiatives is the Food Corporation of India for bringing the security and stability of the food for the people of its nation. It has five zonal offices and each zonal office has five regional offices under it. It is set up to meet the needs of the people so below we are going to know about its services in detail.

List of Services 

  • Procurement of Food Grains: Obtains food grains such as wheat, rice and coarse grain from farmers across the country directly at fair price. So that it brings stability and security within the nation.
  • Storage Facilities: It has huge warehouses and silos for storing the purchased grains such as wheat, rice and other. They store food in warehouses to prevent them from getting spoiled and don’t get wasted.
  • Distribution Network: fci hrms login has a huge distribution network so that they can transport the food grains in those areas where it is needed such as there may be an area where wheat is available in huge quantities and not getting used that much so they will distribute in that area where there is shortage of wheat.
  • Buffer Stock Management: It keeps a huge stock of food grains so that in emergency situations like drought, flood they can provide the food to the needy people or in case of price inflation they can release some stock to stabilize the price.
  • Public Distribution System (PDS): Government runs a program called Public Distribution system in which the government provides essential food items to people at subsidized rate who have ration cards therefore it provide food grains to the government.
  • Export and Import Operations: It also exports the food grains which are available in surplus in their stock and they also import food items to fulfill the need of people which they have in less quantity.


The people who lack food due to financial issues can have enough food with the help of some of the best initiatives. As here we have talked about an initiative of theirs and included the services that you can read to have the best information. Thus, you can look for more initiatives by exploring through the internet. 

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