Honest Raft Wars Tyrone Unblocked Review — What to Expect From Tyrone’s Website? 


Remember that Raft Wars game that happened to be everybody’s ideal game back then? Well, a follow-up from Martijn Kunst is here, called Raft Wars 2. This action and shooting game is strategy-based, featuring Simon and his brother. Both are on their way back from a holiday, when they realize the location of the treasure.

The spot is on top of a water park, and obtaining them is possible by destroying waterslides, lifeguards, pools, security guards, and so on. Meanwhile, you also have to accumulate coins to unlock grenades, raft upgrades and rockets. The good news is that you can now play Raft Wars Tyrone games from anywhere, on any device and for free! 

About Raft Wars Tyrone Games

Tyrone’s unblocked games Raft Wars, initially, was based on Flash but seeing its popularity, it soon took off as an HTML version as well. As such, multiple unblocked sites including Tyrone have been hosting it for free. Perhaps, Tyrone is a gaming hub, catering to innumerable restriction-free games and Raft Wars is one of them. It is completely legit and safe and asks users to mail at admin@tyronesgames.com for feedback or issues. 

Get Started With Raft Wars Tyrone Games 

Playing raft wars on Tyrone won’t be much of a hassle, particularly because there are barely any requirements. The bare minimum is a device, no matter the model, and an internet connection. Having said that here is what you’ll have to do next: 

  • To get started, visit the official website i.e., https://tyronesgames.com/ via any search engine available. 
  • The homepage, having multiple featured games will be the first thing you’ll see. 
  • Head towards the search bar located over on top. 
  • Type ‘raft wars’ and click on search. 
  • Click on the game, go through the instructions and start playing! 

Pros of Raft Wars Tyrone games 

  • Free games: Tyrone hosts Raft Wars and a thousand others for free. One can pick any game and play for any number of times, without having to pay a penny. 
  • No downloads: Unblock sites mean no downloads! That is, every game can be accessed from a single platform and can be played on the web browser itself. 
  • Device compatibility is great: You can access the site as long as an internet connection is available. And it doesn’t matter how outdated the device is. 
  • Safe and secure: Tyrone’s unblocked site executes enough caution to protect its users. As such, players won’t have to worry about any online threats. 
  • The library: You’ll be amazed and amused at the same time to find out that Tyrone hosts more than 1,000 different games. 


Tyrone Games Unblock is an incredible gaming platform and a nice host of unblocked games. This also means that you can play them, from anywhere including restricted places like schools and offices. Yet we suggest that you don’t play games during school hours and instead, focus on academics. 

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